Introducing the crew

We are a team of individuals currently working at 

5-minssolution to provide researched based articles for our readers. It is very easy to find articles about mental health, daily lifestyle, relationships in English but it is extremely hard to find a good article in Bangla about the same topics. So, our goal is to provide researched based Bangla Articles  to help Bangla spoken people in their daily life. Our objective is to build a community in Bangla where people can share their thoughts on rarely discussed topics and build a support system for each other.


I am Arafat Hossain, an IE graduate from Penn State University. I am very excited  about our online platform. I have always wanted a platform where I can write articles and share our thoughts. This platform is the perfect opportunity.


Our Editors 

Morad Hossain Akash

Akash is an undergraduate from East West University and completed his Master's from Dhaka University. He is a writer, author and fine speaker.

Saif Hossain

Saif Hossain is an English major graduate from Virginia Tech University. He is currently working with different magazines in USA.He is a writer, author and fine speaker.


What we write about

  • Mental Health
  • Relationship
  • Outdoor and Gardening
  • Indoor
  • Environment
  • Self Improvement
  • Daily Lifestyle